Quick Thinking Wife Saves Husband’s Life After Freak Accident



So we’re going to give you a quick heads up… there’s a tonne of blood in this. Like loads…

You know in a film when a person has a horrific accident and someone goes “Is there a doctor in here?!” and another guy’s all like “Stand back. I know what I’m doing” and he looks like a hero?

That rarely happens, in real life. Except now…


Writing on the internet, this guy shared his story of his near-death experience and his hero wife:

“I was running out the door for work, I was too lazy to reach for the door handle and pushed our storm door on the upper glass portion. The door was caught on the latch (which it never does) and my arm went right through. I cut my bicep and brachialis muscles completely in half and basically every blood vessel besides the brachial artery.


“My wife tied a tourniquet around my arm and death gripped my arm to attempt to stop the bleeding while calling 911. My wife said she could see the bone when the paramedics were inspecting it.”

So she’s a total hero, basically.


If an artery is severed, you can bleed to death in only two minutes.

It’s not 100% certain what she used as a tourniquet. Whether she fashioned one out of a tea towel or something or just happened to have one, it was still a stroke of genius.


Is there a moral of the story? Maybe… Don’t marry someone who isn’t fully conversant in wound dressing… obviously.


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