Sneaky Shopper Exposes ASDA Glitch And Buys 1,200 Pot Noodles For Basically Nothing



Pot Noodles are less of a handy snack and more of a genuine source of sustenance for many people. Mostly students.

Now, imagine getting hold of 1,200 Pot Noodles for just 11.5p each (thats £138, before you open up the calculator on your phone). You’d never need to worry about food again. But, you might have to worry about vitamin deficiency.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to this guy – the 1,200 pot noodles, not vitamin deficiency. But that’ll follow soon enough.

He exposed a glitch in Asda’s Price Guarantee system and walked away with months worth of noodles of the pot variety. user ‘Henlans’ managed to take advantage of a deal that required consumers to buy Pot Noodles in multiples of three. He explained the full conditions in a post, saying:

“This will work until 5am but they work out as 11.5p each You need at least 8 unique items.. You will pay full price and then claim a voucher on and its V morrisons! If you buy 4 differnet then get 4 filler sweets for 10p each! You must buy in 3’s they cost £2 per 3 and the system thinks you paid £1 each making them 11.5p each! NO MORE THAN 10 OF THE SAME ITEM”

If you followed these (slightly confusing) guidelines correctly, you’d be able to claim a voucher, as the total cost of the comparable items (Pot Noodles) was not 10% cheaper in Asda than in other shops (the glitch has now expired if you were planning on stocking up on some super cheap Pot Noodles)


Another user tried to simplify it further, saying:

“If for example, you buy nine, you’ll pay £6. The APG thinks you’ve paid £9, and will beat Morrisons price of £4.50 by 10%… [so]£9 – £4.05 = Voucher for £4.95. Actual cost of £6 – £4.95 voucher = £1.05 for nine Pot Noodles (or 0.116p each)”

We’ll simplify it even further for you if you’re still not following. The online thingy that calculates whether you would have paid less elsewhere was aware of the ASDA deal on Pot Noodles. So gave him vouchers for money back on money he hadn’t actually spent.

But,the real question is,  how did he afford all of the plastic bags?


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