Study Reveals What Men Think “Being A Man” Is



What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Well, apparently it’s an increasingly complex question to answer. 

A study by the Movember Foundation (legends) has found that British men are being brought down by the pressures of trying to live up to what they think a “man” should be in 2015.

What should a man be, we hear you cry? Well according to the study, nearly half of men feel a serious pressure to be “successful”, “confident”, “physically strong” and “athletic”. So, Dwayne Johnson? Whereas only 15% of men think it’s important to be emotional as a man.

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There has been a huge backlash about the issues of women idolizing beauty magazines and trying to live up to model stereotypes, and as a result there has been a move to celebrate real bodies and real beauty. Is it time to start celebrating real men too?

Movember – who say they’re all about “real men, with real moustaches” – have kick started things by getting a group of “normal” guys together and putting them in the Hollywood roles that we’re “meant” to look up to:


As a representative for the survey explained:

“Just because he doesn’t look like Daniel Craig or isn’t a multi-million pound selling advertising exec like Don Draper, it doesn’t mean these guys aren’t confident and successful”




So, if we’re understanding this right, the trick to being a man is just to be…a man?

Seems simple enough.

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