This Guy Completely Freaked Out In A Haunted House, So Staff Had To Come And Rescue Him



McKamey Manor in San Diego is the scariest haunted house in the world. Regularly reducing grown men to tears, no one – not marines, nor adrenaline junkies – has ever lasted more than a few hours in there. 

Guests are gagged, tied up, covered in fake blood, made to eat raw eggs and forced into cages of snakes. Like a real life horror film, McKamey manor really is terrifying.

But this guy was not in McKamey Manor.


This guy was in a pretty sub-standard haunted house. No one was showering him with fake blood. No one was making him eat raw eggs. There wasn’t a snake in sight.

He still massively freaked out.

Hiding behind his girlfriend, this guy’s screams eventually attracted the attention of the haunted house’s staff, who came in with torches to escort the terrified man out.

You can watch his ordeal here: