This Dog ‘Shut Down’ After Her Adopted Family Returned Her To The Shelter



We’re really sorry, but this abandoned dog might just break your heart. 

The runt of her litter and ‘terrified of everything’, Lana was first adopted from Toronto’s Mighty Mutts animal rescue centre when she was five months old. She went to live with a family, but sadly, things didn’t go according to plan.

Used to having to fight her siblings for food, Lana had guarding issues that suddenly surfaced one afternoon, when she snapped at one of her new owners. With young kids to think about, the family decided they couldn’t risk Lana snapping at one of them.

They took their dog back to the animal shelter, where this devastating photo was taken:


Initially too sad to even go for walk, Lana only began to cheer up when she saw Dahlia Ayoub – the member of staff who had cared for her when she was a puppy. But she was still pretty unresponsive, only emerging from her kennel for Dahlia, or for one of the other handlers. Dahlia said:

“She just shut down. It’s almost like her world shut down.”

Lana has had some good news – she was recently placed with a foster family, and the shelter is looking hard to find her ‘forever family’.

We hope that she finds a loving home soon. 

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