Anonymous Hero Fights Asshole Drivers With This Parking Note


Someone just came up with the most brilliant passive-aggressive way to deal with people who can’t park! The vigilante hasn’t been identified, but we tracked down his friend who wrote this: “My friend made this and keeps a few copies in his glove box. When he comes across an asshat parking job, he leaves it under their windshield wiper.”

In one case, the image was jokingly placed under a racer’s windshield wiper at the Black River Stages rally event in upstate New York. Unfortunately, they later flipped over during a turn in the race route, though both of the team members on board were OK.

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Someone came up with a brilliant, passive-aggressive way to teach bad drivers how to park:

Image credits: mattythedog

First, identify the bad driver

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Then, serve up some passive-aggressive justice!

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Strange coincidence: a race car that got this treatment as a joke later flipped!

Image credits: Burnt_Couch

Here’s a printable version for you to use:


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