There Is More To The Anonymous KKK Member Leak Than Meets The Eye



The internet went into overdrive last night when it appeared that Anonymous had released the identities of 1,000 members of the KKK.

The hacktivists pledged to do this just a few days prior, and the pastebin didn’t disappoint. Among the names on the list were prominent US politicians, totaling four senators and five mayors.

Juicy, right?

It wasn’t long before various publications started running with the story and outing these KKK members (Some of which have since removed the story from their site). It also wasn’t long before the alleged KKK members began to deny it. But, of course they are going to deny it, right? You wouldn’t expect senior politicians to turn around and say ‘OK, you got me, I believe in white supremacy’. 

Here’s who was responsible for releasing the info.

In this case, it appears that (and breathe deeply for this) the politicians are telling the truth.

For starters Anonymous had pledged to release the info November 5th, known to us Brits as Guy Fawkes night. Guy Fawkes is the inspiration for their masks, and it’s unlikely that they would get trigger happy before their big day.

That’s one clue, although their very public denial is a much bigger one. The denials came from the Anonymous Twitter account, and the Operation KKK Twitter account, which Anonymous themselves say are the only tweets you should be paying attention to.

It would appear that the names leaked last night are just people on a mailing list, and this is in no way proof of them being members of the KKK. They could, in fact, just be poor people who are being inundated with junk mail from the KKK.

Here’s a timeline of the various denials:  

The downside of all this is that it seems false information has led to people being incorrectly labelled as KKK members. It’s not exactly a tag you want on your back when popping down to the community fair.

Here’s the initial press release made by Anonymous. It will be interesting to see what happens on November 5th.