Human Chain Saves Woman And Police Officer From Falling Off Bridge In London



PC Fab Ahmed nearly fell to his death, after grabbing a woman as she tried to jump off a bridge in London. 

PC Fab, who massively lived up to his name, was alerted to a woman threatening to jump from Kingston Bridge last month. Sadly she decided to jump, but the police officer quickly grabbed hold of her, stopping her from falling into the river.

But because of his heavy body armour he fell forwards and toppled over the railings – still managing to keep hold of the woman.


Luckily his colleagues and a passing fireman were just as fast, and amazingly they managed to grab Fab by the ankles. They then formed a human chain, bravely pulling them both to safety.  The woman was then taken to hospital for treatment by paramedics.

PC Ahmed said:

“I knew I had a major fight on my hands to stay alive and do my best to help the lady when we both hit the water.

It was at this point I felt someone grab hold of my ankles just as I was going past the point of no return. This stopped myself and the lady from continuing our journey into the river.”

Amazing work there from Fab, and we hope the woman he saved gets better soon.



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