NASA Are Going To Make Another Huge Mars Announcement



Those sneaky guys over at NASA love keeping us on our toes when it comes to huge announcements about, you know, potential alien life forms on Mars… 

Back in September, they dropped the bombshell that they had discovered the presence of water on Mars, meaning that the presence of alien life was much more likely than previously thought.

On Thursday at 7pm GMT at NASA headquarters in Washington D.C.,  they’re set to reveal further “key science findings” from the Red Planet’s atmosphere. The announcement, which will be broadcast live, will be headed up by Michael Myer (not Shrek) – NASA’s lead scientist.

NASA astronaut’s have also been jumping on the bandwagon, and getting everyone riled up be tweeting things like this… from actual space:

Aliens, oxygen, Matt Damon? We can’t wait to find out what they’ve got to say. 


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