CCTV Catches The Creative Way This Man Smuggled An Egg McMuffin Into Prison For His Girlfriend



Who said romance was dead? They were clearly wrong, as this 27-year-old man has just got himself a prison sentence, for the crime of love. 

Okay, fine, his actual crime wasn’t love. That’s not illegal… What is illegal, however, is smuggling contraband into prison. And contraband includes a McDonalds Egg McMuffin.

Karl Jensen used a fishing line to fling a bag – containing the aforementioned egg mcmuffin – over the walls of Wormwood Scrubs Prison. Luckily, guards picked this up on CCTV, and managed to intercept Karl, as well as remove the bag from his girlfriend’s cell, almost immediately.

As far as we know, she didn’t have time to eat the egg McMuffin. Oh, for shame.

Lucky, though, that the prison guards acted so fast, as it wasn’t just a Mcdonalds breakfast that Karl was passing over the wall. The bag also included cocaine, weed, vodka, a Kinder surprise (the surprise was five sim cards tucked inside) and a five inch blade.

The most important was the McMuffin though, obvs.


Both Karl and his girlfriend Lisa Mary Hutchinson have pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them. So it looks it might be a while longer before they get to enjoy a Mcdonalds breakfast together…


You can watch the CCTV from the incident here: