New Study Finds That All Women Are Either Lesbian Or Bisexual



Sexuality is a spectrum, and apparently no women can call herself 100% straight. 

At least, that’s what a controversial new study has concluded. In what must have been a pretty entertaining couple of hours, 345 women were asked to watch porn – both of the heterosexual and homosexual variety – while researchers recorded their responses.

They found that women who identified as straight got turned on by straight porn – sure – but that they also got turned on by girl-on-girl action.

Dr. Gerulf Rieger concluded:

“Even though the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but never straight.”

While for many heterosexual women, being turned on by other women doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d want to get carnal with one, more and more women are embracing, and finding ways to satiate a bisexual curiosity…


An elite, all-women sex club in London, for example, holds monthly parties in which straight women can explore their sexuality with other like-minded women.

Founder of the ‘Skirt Club’ Geneviève said:

“I have learned that most women are attracted to women, it doesn’t mean that they are gay. It’s the fluid nature of today’s sexuality. Most of our members are married or have long-term partners, and Skirt Club is a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives.”

What happens in Skirt Club stays in Skirt Club, but one member gave a little hint:

“I love it, it was for me the best 30th birthday ever being on the table full of sugar and being licked by different hot women at the same time was a really hot moment, thank you!”

H/T: The Times


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