Star Wars Superfan Who Has Weeks To Live Is Given His Dying Wish



So pretty much everyone is crazy hyped about the new Star Wars. Like everyone.

But no one more than 32-year-old Daniel Fleetwood of Spring, Texas. You may have heard of his story when it went viral last week. Daniel suffers from a rare cancer called spindle cell sarcoma and has been given weeks to live. Doctors don’t expect him to make it to Christmas.

It’s all tremendously sad and, naturally, Daniel had a last wish. He wanted to see the new Star Wars before he died.

He even went to his local news station and told them that the hope of seeing the Force Awakens keeps him alive. With this in mind, social media exploded with support for Daniel.

So what happened?

Disney studio execs showed up at his home to let him watch an unedited version of the new Star Wars!

Daniel’s wife, Ashley, says that he loved the film. That’s really all she could say since she had to sign a confidentiality agreement. They even had to watch it on Disney equipment to make sure no pirating went on.

Abrams himself personally called Daniel before the viewing which Ashley says really made his day.

Amazing stuff from Disney and Abrams and we really hope Daniel gets everything he wants in the short time he has left.



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