This Photo With 500 Sheep In A Field May Mess With Your Mind


We know what you were thinking when you woke up this morning, ‘it’s all too easy, I need something that is going to challenge me’.

Well, thankfully we have a mind bending photo containing 500 sheep to do just that. Canadian farmer LIezel Kennedy tweeted the photo after driving by the sheep and not realising where they were.

We don’t know what her problem was, here they are in plain sight.


Does this help?




If you can’t see them now then sorry, this is the closest image there is.


Kennedy, who was probably thinking she was the victim of a great sheep robbery, had to walk to within 15 meters before spotting the sheep after originally mistaking them for brown grass sticking up out of the snow. It doesn’t help that there is some brown grass sticking up out of the snow.

The optical illusion makes us focus our attention on the white snow, where we’d assume to find the missing ‘white’ sheep, rather than the brown backdrop, which just looks like distant grass.

If you go back and look at the first one, you’ll probably spot the sheep really quickly.

Anyway, we’re glad that one has been solved. Phew.


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