Can You Help This War Veteran Who Lost His SAS Beret And Army Medals At The Remembrance Service?



People of the internet, we need you. It’s your time to shine! An elderly WWII veteran with dementia is distraught after he lost all his medals, following a Remembrance service in Westminster.

In a last-ditch attempt to find them, his daughter Giulia has posted an appeal on Facebook to ask people to help return his precious memories to him.

She said: ‘Please help us find my father, Peter Bennett’s belongings: SAS beret & army medals. Sadly, he has dementia and lost everything (his blue over coat and green suit bag) when he visited London for the remembrance service at Westminster Abbey.’

Peter attended the Fields of Remembrance opening at Westminster Abbey on Thursday, but when returned home realised he didn’t have his belongings with him.

Lostbox Community-We Need Your Help!!!Please help us find my father, Peter Bennett’s belongings: SAS beret & army…

Posted by Lostbox on Sunday, November 8, 2015


He stayed overnight at the Victory Club hotel, and left London on the 6pm Kings Cross to Grantham train – so his bag could be anywhere along that route.

His daughter said her dad keeps asking for his missing medals. ‘It’s very upsetting,’ she added.

His situation has really touched people, and across the country they are sharing the post trying to help him.

Have you seen a blue overcoat or a green suit bag? If so, make sure to get in touch with Giulia via LostBox


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