Teenager Punches 87-Year-Old Woman In The Face On A Bus



Mindless violence against an elderly lady? This girl won’t be winning any popularity contests in the near future.

An 87-year-old woman was left with a black eye after being punched in the face by a teenage girl. The assault happened on the Route 166 bus In Croydon, South London, on October 16th.

Two girls had boarded the bus without paying, triggering an argument with the bus driver and the elderly lady. Most of the passengers got off the bus, and then one of the girls can be seen punching the woman in the face. Nasty.


The girls then ran away from the bus. Another passenger came to the victim’s aid and she was taken to St Helier Hospital, before being discharged later that day.

Police sergeant Arran Hillier, from the Croydon Safer Transport Team, said: ‘This was a nasty attack on an elderly woman, who just wanted to get home. I urge anyone who may recognise the suspects to contact the police.’