What Is This Slimy, Alien-Like Creature That Appeared In Someone’s Garden?


It’s late at night and you’re about to get all tucked up in your jim jams when the dog starts whining at you because it wants to go out for a wee.

You take pity, put on your trainers and take Rex outside to relieve himself. But then you notice something slimy shining in the moonlight, so you flash your phone’s torch at it, and BAM this no-eyed monstrosity is staring right back at you…


No, this isn’t the plot of an M. Night Shyamalan movie – this is real life.

Gianna Peponis posted the photo on her Facebook account after apparently “hearing a scream” and wandering into her garden:


The image went up on reddit (obviously) where users have been going wild, speculating what the creature is, with most suggesting it’s some kind of half-eaten animal foetus:

reddit_4 reddit_2 reddit_1 reddit_3

Here in the helloU office we’ve decided (if it isn’t actually alien-life) that it’s probably a deformed baby deer – delicious. We’re experts, obviously.

Alien vs. animal? What would you do if you found this in your back garden? 


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