Women Protests Tampon Tax By ‘Free-Bleeding’ Outside Parliment



Let’s take a minute, and think about the difference between the word ‘luxury’, and the word ‘essential’. 

When it comes to paying VAT, ‘essential’ is something that you can’t live without, like crocodile meat, and thus you don’t have to pay tax. ‘Luxury’ denotes something that you don’t actually need, like tampons…. apparently, and therefore you do pay tax.

Charlie Edge (22) put this philosophy into practice, in a protest to the tampon tax. Along with two friends, she went down to parliament – while on her period – and spent a couple of hours just hanging around in a white pair of trousers.

While the ‘luxury’ that is a tampon would usually have ensured that no one there could know that Charlie and her friends were on their periods, they decided to forgo that ‘luxury’, and go tampon-less.


Writing on Facebook, Charlie explained that their protest had largely gone down well:

“Everyone keeps saying “haha omg how quickly would we get free tampons if everyone stopped wearing them?!”
So, I’m giving it a go. Taxes are necessary, I get it.

So are tampons/ pads.”

Charlie is probably right. If everyone stopped wearing tampons, the tax would probably be lifted…but things may get messy.

Anyone else going to try it?


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