I Turn My Life Into A Comic Series (Part 2)


I am Evisa Isabella Rose. With these comics, I try to turn everything that comes on my way, good or bad, into something positive.

I have two main characters, a mini-me and a yellow rabbit and my favourite subjects are love, food and social media. I realised that life gets somehow more colourful when you laugh, something we forget to do as we grow old.

My comics are dedicated to everyone who is fighting depression. As one of my favourite mottos says: Everytime you find some humour in a difficult situation, you win. I hope you enjoy reading them 🙂

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Some Days Are Just Like


Falling In Love

Trusting Your Heart

When Bae Texts You

My Phone Is Broken

I Need More Space

The Most Tragic Love Story

How I Greet People

Βe With A Guy Who Ruins Your Lipstick Not Your Mascara

Me Vs My Passport Photo

About Bugs

Why Do I Fall In Love With Assholes

Cold Hands

Crazy Hair

Creating Something New

How Much I Think About You

The Web Can Be Dangerous

Fashion Freak

What Time Is It


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