Student Night Slated For “Cheer If You Want To F**k This Girl” Competition



Now, we had some pretty wild nights at university. We drank things we swore we’d never drink, we danced to songs we swore we’d never dance to and we ate kebabs that probably contained testicles. 

The important thing is that it was a lot of fun.

Fun is probably what guest DJ Lee Watson was going for when he hosted an event at the University of Hull’s Asylum nightclub. But what did Lee actually do? He took something fun, added something “sexual”, took away the fun and then got left with crying students…

Dangling a free holiday in front of a bunch of broke students was a great way to get them to participate in some on-stage competition. But while Lee’s idea of a contest started out as speed-eating cream crackers (harder – and funner – than you might think), it quickly escalated into something a little bit more sexual…


As The Tab reported, Lee asked his female contestants to take off their bras if they wanted to stay in the competition, and then asked them to stimulate sex acts – including the 69er – while male students shouted ‘who’s the daddy’.

He urged the audience to chant, ‘slag’, at one girl, who left the stage in tears.

Now, while nothing turns us on more than stuffing something drier than the desert repeatedly into our mouths, we’re not quite convinced that the transition between competitive eating cream crackers, and ‘cheer if you want to f*** this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first’, really flows?


A representative for Hull University was horrified that these ‘games’ were allowed to take place – especially considering that staff from the students’ union were present. She added:

“The games were clearly promoting lad culture, which is a huge problem within universities across the country.”

Whether you agree with this, or think that lad culture is actually just harmless fun – you have to admit that getting drunk female students to take off their clothes while you shout derogatory comments at them, is a little bit vile.

If you wanted to make us nauseous Lee, you should have stuck with the cream crackers… 



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