The “Salt Gun” Could Be The Safe Alternative To Owning A Gun



Guns, eh? All they ever seem to do is go around shooting people, causing tragedies and ruining lives. Yet gun crime is a growing issue in the UK, and still a massive part of American culture. 

New invention, The Salt gun, has been designed by Chicago startup, Salt Supply,  with the aim of providing a “nonlethal home defense solution”. Basically, a gun for people who don’t want guns, but want to be able to protect their homes.

It even looks like a regular handgun, so you can feel like you’re holding a “piece” but without the danger of accidentally killing someone. The guns are powered by a single CO2 cartridge which holds seven balls which, when fired, create a five foot spray of pepper extract.


Basically, it’s like a paint gun that shoots the world’s hottest pepper, which according to the makers:

“cause[s] the lungs to constrict as they would during an asthma attack.”

So nothing to do with salt then, but still sounds like a pretty good idea? The company claim to be a safer option for households with kids, which makes sense when you consider that an average 62 American children a year are accidentally killed by firearms.

They were originally being funded on Indiegogo, but the project has since been taken down:

“We were very disappointed to find that IndieGoGo removed the SALT project yesterday because it straddled the traditional categories of safety device or weapon… Given the excitement and interest around SALT, we are now taking orders.”

The Salt gun may have faced a knock back, but its development shows a demand for non-lethal weapons that could help save lives in the future. 


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