This Enterprising 11-Year-Old Boy Is Making £1,000 A Week



One things for sure – this baby-faced businessman will never have to sit through that boring, and actually slightly terrifying trip to the school’s career advisor. 

11-year-old Henry Patterson – who is officially more successful than any of us – started on the road to being super-minted by selling crap. And by crap, we mean actual manure which he sold (aged five!!) for £1, before moving into the sweetie business (we hope he washed his hands). He also set up his own eBay shop, selling items he bought in charity shops when he was just seven.

He has now produced a children’s book – The Adventures of Sherb and Pip – and used a grant to launch his own shop, in Bedfordshire, based around the characters. 


His products are now stocked by over 70 different stores, and he is raking in 65k from annual sales. That sounds like more than we anticipate earning in our lifetimes… sigh. He used his first earnings to buy a puppy – he is only a kid, remember – and is now launching a Youtube channel and plans to release a business book next year. We wonder if he can spell “over-achiever”?

His advise for anyone trying to make some dosh? He says:

“My main advice is to start with having a stand at a car boot sale. You learn how to display, price, handle money and talk to customers. All the skills you need to know in the future.”

We know what we’re doing this weekend…oh wait, we can’t afford a car.



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