Two Women Are Wanted For Sexual Abuse For Twerking Against A Man



You know when you’re twerking at someone and it’s all a bit of fun until you overstep the mark and it turns into sexual abuse and the police conduct a manhunt for you? Well it’s only gone and happened again, hasn’t it?!

The incident occurred in Washington D.C. was captured on CCTV and shows one of the women approaching a man and promptly twerking up against him. Even though he tries to move away from them, they persist to harass him.


The man continues to gently resist them as he moves away and shrugs off their advances, but they remained undeterred.

The first woman grinded up against him whilst the other walked over and went for his phone and money all the while being overtly touchy.


She even puts her arm around him and tries to kiss them. He clearly wants none of it.