Our Bunny That We Adopted Is Always Happy


At the beginning of the year, my husband and I adopted a bunny from Animal Care and Control in Manhattan. His name is Arnie. He’d been abandoned in a park mid-December, but good people found him on time and took him to the shelter. As soon as I saw his ridiculously cute nose poking through the cage bars, I knew he was coming home with us. A choice that seemed odd to so many. To me, he was perfect. Covered with dirt, I thought, but still perfect.

Needless to say, we signed the paperwork then and there, and I took him home the next day. It turned out that he wasn’t dirty – it was just the peculiar color of his coat. His fur felt as rough as broom’s bristles, but as he spent his days snuggling next to me, I got rather attached to his exfoliating powers. Day by day his marvelous personality unfolded, alongside his compulsive affinity to straighten out the fabric creases on our duvet. We gradually acquainted him with our other bunny, Grizi, in a step-by-step introduction process, for which we’d read intimidating piles of literature.

A few months have passed. Arnie’s lonely, hungry, scary days are over. He is now bonded with his new friend and much like Bonnie and Clyde, they concoct daily plans to steal treats from the cabinet. They roam free all day, doing stuff that bunnies do, and are never confined to a small cage. They are adorably different as personalities and make us laugh all day long. Arnie gets to fix the fabric creases on the duvet and sofa as much as he likes. Grizi then makes him some more. I guess if he can speak, he’d say he’s happy. But he can’t, so he just smiles. Have you seen a bunny smile? Check out his mini gallery below. We hope his smile will brighten up your day, as it does ours.

If you’d like to see some more videos and photos, check the #SmilingArnie hashtag on Instagram. The hashtag is for all adopted pets, who have found happiness in their forever homes. Please consider adopting a pet to make him smile, too 🙂

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Lettuce makes him smile…

So do apples

He sometimes smiles mischievously

Other times he looks just so proud of himself

Then there’s his demure smile

He never takes the smile off his face

But Arnie doesn’t just smile – look at some of his other, equally adorable faces 🙂


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