Serial Asda Thief Identified After Appearing On Come Dine With Me


Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me has everything we love in a trashy TV show – banter, cooking, bitchiness and the ability to identify petty criminals. 

The last point might not be one that the show’s creators had in mind, but they might want to think about a series of “Come Crime With Me”, after reading this.

30-year-old Sophie Hunter-Brown decided to show off her Thai cookery skills on the programme, hosting a full-moon beach party themed dinner and eventually coming third in the competition. She probably didn’t realise she’d already had her fifteen-minutes of fame, as her photo was pinned to the local Asda staff room notice board as a “notorious” shoplifter….

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The primary school teacher from South Wales had been using self-service machines to pay for her items, but removing her card just before the payment was taken between April and July last year. Unluckily for her, her naughty ways had not been forgotten, and security staff recognised her following a recent rerun of the show.

Following the hearing, she admitted theft and was given a conditional caution and made to pay compensation to the supermarket. She had also previously been fined for stealing in Cardiff in 2010 and has now been banned from every Asda supermarket in the UK.

That behaviour gets a big fat zero out of ten from us, Sophie. 

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