Tech Doodles: I Think Technology Is Funny. Admit It – You Do, Too


I’ve been working on a series of technology and startup related comics that I call Tech Doodles. Here are a few of my favorites, I’ll bet you’ve also experienced these issues!

More info:

2006 was a simpler time

Delusions of Grandeur (or coding skills)

The new rules to live by

Screw the Kardashians, I’m Keeping up with the Kid Coders


Murphy’s Law of Snapchat

Alternative uses for your selfie stick

Every entrepreneur meetup, ever

Founder feels

Getting along with girls


I’ll be watching you

You know you have a blab problem when…

Keeping up with the adolescent programmers

Makeup for entrepreneurs


Meditations Pt. II Productive Mind

Realizing the power of the internet

Should I turn off my laptop for the night

Talking with your non-startup friends

The great outdoors

The Hardback vs. Kindle

The problem with sunday nights

The problem with working from home

The real “startup bubble”

The vicious cycle of Pinterest

When did I become a woman in tech


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