8 Reasons To Have A Pet For A Child

Not all parents are willing to meet the kids’ wants who ask to have a dog, cat or some other pet. Only half of the families have pets.
Why not to increase this percentage and bring a piece of joy to your child? This is beneficial thing to the physiological and psychological health of children.
1. The child will develop a sense of responsibility and discipline: the animal or bird needs a care. However, children can cope with these challenges at the age of 7-8 years, and before that period, it should be done with adults.
2. Children are more sensitive: having an animal at home is a good experience. The kids who are constantly in contact, communicate, certainly did not grow cruel and heartless.
3. Pets can play. Children communicate with them as friends; they trust the secrets, joys and experience. Pets fill shortage of family communication when a child is neglected due to lack of parents’ time.
4. For children with low self-esteem pets – is a great way to raise it. For example, while training a dog, the child begins to feel its significance.
5. Due to pets, children develop intellect and creativity. A kid learns the nature and how to acquire new knowledge about the animal world.
6. Scientists have shown that the animals in the house have a beneficial therapeutic effect on children. They help relieve stress.
In the US and Europe was developed a science – animal-therapy science of treatment with the help of animals. The UK pharmacies even sell white “treatment” (a cat). As identified by scientists from the Institute of animal communication in North Carolina, a cat purring helps to wound and strengthen bones. If children are prone to allergies, you have to be very careful in the choice of pets, especially cats.
7. It is noted that in families where there is some animal, there are no conflicts, children are less aggressive.
8. Animal studies have shown that animal can strengthen the immune system. The presence in the house of a cat or dog makes the child’s body actively fight with infections. If you live in the house with dog, you daily walk with it, regardless of the weather. It contributes to better health. At the same time, the child maintains good physical shape. Walking can be performed with adults, while the child is still small.
About the Author: Harold Rolf is a student. He works as a writer at the different freelance sites

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