What’s Cuter Than Photographs Of Just One Dog? Photographs Of Two Dogs!

I have been photographing domestic animals for nearly a decade. I take visually compelling, delightful, irresistibly cute, and humorous images depicting dogs interacting, laughing, playing, yawning, and cuddling together for a nap. I aim to personify my canine subjects to depict the affection, friendship, annoyance, love, and broad emotional range found between two dogs. The unique interactions and idiosyncrasies of the dogs often mirror the relationships we have with our friends and loved ones.

One of my favorite moments was when I photographed the Great Pyrenees puppies as they napped. One puppy awoke, tumbled toward me and crawled under my arms. I continued to hold the camera and photograph the now solitary sleeping puppy while he rustled around my lap trying to entice me to play before settling in for another nap.

My book “Between Two Dogs” explores in photographs the relationships between dogs. My goal was to create memorable images full of varied emotions and interactions. Those few independent pups broadened the emotional range of the book and added to its sense of humor.

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