I Design Astronomy Posters For Kids To Inspire Them The Way I Was Inspired

When I was growing up, I was fascinated with science and astronomy. I spent a lot of my formative years reading about astronomy, enrolled to classes at all levels of my education – from middle school to university – and almost set on a journey in the hopes of leaving our planet for good (and for science), though that’s another story.

Growing up eventually changes the scope of the dreams. I became a scientist but not the one I expected to be. And ultimately ended up pursuing another line of profession, because reasons. Though I still remember the way I was awestruck the first time I watched the movie “Contact”, the first time I learnt to use a celestial map, learning about hydroponics at the Space Camp or the way I had butterflies not in my stomach but my entire body, when I pondered, as a child, about the scale of the universe.

Clinging onto that tingle left from my childhood of the naive and very fundamental joy of simply existing, I decided to create a poster series about the universe. I intended to prepare it for kids around the world, hoping that, maybe, somewhere, someone will look at one of these and get excited the way I was. I have no torch to pass on but at least I might hope to pass on the curiosity.

To prepare these posters I used a number of techniques, including visual programming, photo editing and digital painting. What started out as a fun little project to feel good about my human experience ended up rekindling my very own excitement.

I wish I could say “I hope you’ll be excited as I was” but I can’t, because this touched a lot of strings at personal level. But I hope it will give someone around the world the precursors of the strings to be touched when they look back in years to come.

Here are a few screenshots from the series; you can see the entire set on my etsy page, linked to this post.

More info: etsy.com

Each poster features an object or a phenomenon

Accompanied by a brief explanation

It’s highly subjective

More precisely, what excites me about that topic

Adult “me” and/or “me” that I used to be

You can compare the size of the poster to the floating monolith next to the frame, which I definitely did not arbitrarily draw and scale

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