We Used Living Algae Cells To Create This Pen That Makes Your Stories Grow Over Time


Introducing Living Ink, the world’s first time-lapse ink that allows you to write, sketch, draw or paint your story over time. We’re Scott and Steve, molecular biologists and the founders of Living Ink. We have spent the last two years developing Living Ink and just launched our first product that uses living algae cells as ink for messages and paintings that grow and change every day!

This idea was thought up in the greeting card aisle, while Scott was shopping for his grandma’s birthday card. Thereafter, we were on a mission to use sustainable algae technology to replace regular ink, something unexpected happened – we realized we could use living algae as living ink.

We loaded pens with living ink, think of it as drawing with plants. Now ANYONE can dabble in time-lapse bioart. Living Ink was invented to make beautiful art, hilarious time-lapse messages, reveal big news and for sustainable spies.

More info: kickstarter.com


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