I Changed My Wedding Photos To Add A Bit Of Star Wars To Them

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Actually, not so long ago and not so far far away from Lithuania.

Hello I’m an animator and a lifelong fan of Star Wars saga. This year I married the most wonderful woman in the Galaxy. When we got wedding photos from our photographer Antanas Minkevicius I immediately decided to change them to a little bit on Star Wars style.

Photographer – Antanas Minkevicius;
Digital artist – Meinardas Valkevicius;
All the Star Wars characters – searched on internet.

More info: meinart.lt

Not So Long Time Ago… In Vilnius

In The Most Beautiful Forest

With Yoda’s Blessing

Darth Vader’s Lessons

And A Little Help From Ewoks

We And Our Friends Tried To Join The Force

The Force Proved Strong In Our Relationship

And Helped Us To Form An Unbreakable Alliance

With Love In Our Hearts And Stars In Our Eyes, We Begin A New Chapter!

Original Images

Before / After

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