Woman Rants About Heart Attack Sufferer Ruining NYE, Manager Puts Her In Her Place



Trying to celebrate New Year’s Eve, one Holly Jones had her evening spoiled by a woman having a heart attack in front of her.

Now, most of us would be distressed by this. We’d be concerned about the welfare of the woman, and we’d be anxious to know if she was okay

Not Holly.

Holly was more bothered that the restaurant staff cared more about some ‘junkie’ with a medical emergency, than he did paying customers..

And, not wanting to let this travesty pass by unnoticed, Holly decided to express her horror on the company’s Facebook page:


The manager of Kilroy’s replied to Holly, and we’re betting that she now wishes she’d kept her opinions to herself:



Holly has since deleted her Facebook profile, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the woman with her medical costs.

We hope that she gets well soon. 

H/T The B*tchy Waiter


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