This Guy Only Has Vision In One Eye, So He Bought A One-Eyed-Dog That No One Else Wanted

Redditor kt2133 just shared an adorable photo of his brother holding a one-eyed dog that no one else wanted. Luckily for the puppy, he just found an owner who understands him! It reminded us about our recent article about a 3-legged kitten adopted by an amputee girl.

One of the readers had an interesting question: “When I see someone like [your] brother in public and I speak with them, what’s the polite way to look at them? I don’t want to look directly at them in fear that they might think I’m staring at them, but I also don’t want to avoid making eye contact entirely.”

The brother responded with laughter: “Haha I can tell everyone feels like that when they talk to me. Haha tell them to try to figure out which eye is good and look at that one.”

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“My brother, who only has vision in one eye, bought a dog that was only born with one eye that no one else wanted”

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