Artist Reveals The Secret Identities Of 23 Pop Culture Figures


Everyone sees the similarities between certain characters and figures. Donald Trump is basically Mr Burns, Finn and Jake are pretty similar to Tintin and Snowy, and the Avatar people are Smurfs. End of.

But there’s more. Hidden beneath the surface are pop-culture figures masquerading as slightly more well-known pop-culture figures… Why? We don’t know but it looks cool when it’s conveyed through the art works of Alex Solis in his collective, Icons Unmasked. Have a look…

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Stormtroopers came before Minions! Sort it out!



Is Boba Fett wearing a mask underneath a mask? Impressive.

Anyway, what did we learn here? The Simpsons did it first? That’s the impression you get from Mr Solis, anyway…

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