Woman Live Tweets Her Neighbour’s Very Loud Sex, And It’s Horrendous


Hearing other people having sex, when you’re definitely not (and don’t feel like you ever will have again), is hands down one of the most depressing things in the world. 

So we’re not surprised that when one unlucky lady heard this monstrous sounding love-making, she decided to share it with the rest of the Twittersphere. No one wants to suffer in silence, right?

User @StaceyRitzen took to the social media site to convey what – if it were an album would surely be called “If sex sounded like a Stephen King novel” – a sex sesh that mixes passion and bloodlust in a way that Dracula would be proud of.

If you’re in a public place/ don’t want your parents or flatmates to think you’re watching weird porn, put your headphones in now:

Seriously though…

Worrying development? 

And no, it isn’t murder. It’s just sexy sexy sex sex

So next time you’re getting nasty, just think, you never know who is listening in/ live tweeting the action… 

H/T: UpRoxx 

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