The Netflix-Hack That Gives You Four Times The Choice


Netflix is basically a really exciting addition to your life… for the first few months. Mainly because your first month was probably free, but also because after a few months – suddenly there isn’t actually that much to watch unless you fancy a 48-house-entire-tv-show-binge. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great films on Netflix, but it just doesn’t take that long to get through them. All of them.

When someone’s hanging out at your place, and you’ve searched high and low for something you haven’t already seen on Netflix, but you can’t commit to starting a TV show with this person. It’s too soon in the relationship for such a hefty commitment. What’re you supposed to do?

Well, here’s where the app ‘Smartflix‘ comes in to play. It basically gives you netflix without the restrictions of the country you’re  in, meaning users have access to roughly four times as many films and tv shows. For example, you could watch The Wolf Of Wall street or Interstellar, despite not actually being in Canada – where they are currently available on Netflix.


Hey presto, the world’s your oyster.

The software creator had this to say:

“”It is WAY better and safer than VPNs and “smart DNS” services (both potentially routing and/or intercepting every requests your computer makes at any time),”

The other options that he is talking about are services like ‘Hola’, a browser extension that allows you, in simple terms, to tell websites you’re in a different country.

However, this method is not entirely safe as it is a P2P-based proxy system, which means you’re routing your traffic through an end-point you have absolutely no control over.

Worse, you can end up routing other people’s traffic out via your network. They can then use your machine as part of a commercial botnet, which has already been caught attacking 8chan.

Although the creator claims that app ‘Smartfix’ is safer, we don’t know this for sure – so use these services with caution! 


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