Man With ‘Suspect Package’ Sparks Bomb Scare In Liverpool


Liverpool city centre has been shut down after man with a suspicious package was spotted acting oddly in an office building. 

The man reportedly threatened workers in a boat insurance firm, who then set off the fire alarms, and evacuated the whole building.

As one woman told The Mirror, many people working there initially thought that the alarm was a routine fire practice, and so didn’t initially panic. It wasn’t until they got outside and saw the police arriving that they worried it might not be a drill:

“We moved to Exchange Flags to make sure everybody was accounted for and then people became a little bit frightened, and saying ‘It’s a bomb. It’s a bomb’”


Bomb disposal units and police were quickly on the scene, as streets around the building were cordoned off:

Police were able to negotiate with the man, described as being white and middle-aged, and took him into custody.

The area will remain cordoned off until police have conducted a thorough search of the premises.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. 

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