So, ‘Discing’ Is The Latest Thing Now And It’s Making Us Question The Internet


OK, I’ll admit it. I’m so old that I remember CD’s being something you cherished. Something you showed off to your mates. Something you played music on. 

But the world has, thankfully, moved on, and for the kids of today, you know who you are, CD’s are clearly nothing more than a play thing. And a weird play thing at that…

The good people of social media have taken a step forward from ice buckets and condoms and taken on the CD as their latest ‘challenge’ – I guess they needed some use in today’s world – and created ‘discing’.

The premise: taking two CD’s (no specific music taste required), attaching them to yours, or a willing friends, glasses by slotting them through the arms, and flipping your face forward to create a kind of 2000’s looking alien outfit.

It really is something special… take a look:

Well there you have it. Will you be discing? Show us your pics in the comments! 

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