Rock Band ‘Squeeze’ Perform Song Aimed At David Cameron While He Watches



The opportunity to perform a song in front of the Prime Minister is pretty big. Especially if you don’t like his plans for the welfare state.

And rock band Squeeze saw this opportunity and went for it, changing up the lyrics to one of their songs – just as a treat for Mr. Cameron.

They adapted the lyrics from their single ‘Cradle To The Grave’ so that they went a bit more like this:

 ‘I grew up in social housing, part of what made Britain great, there are some here who are hell-bent, on the destruction of the welfare state.’

Yikes. We bet the PR team loved that.

Cameron didn’t react at all, even though the camera-man panned out at just the right moment to include him in the shot. Maybe the PR team had more to do with it than people think, then.

Cameron was actually on the show to talk about his new scheme to knock down some of the country’s worst sink estates.