This New Gadget Lets You Turn Your Vagina Into A Sound System


We’re kind of surprised that the vagina – nature’s most delightful cavernous hole – hasn’t been utilised as a pumping sound system before. 

But thankfully, now that some genius has come up with a practical way to turn your lady garden into a ghetto blaster, you’ll never be without music at a party again.

Kind of.

Spanish company Baby Pod were probably thinking more pregnancy than party, when they designed the contraption which is essentially a silicone tampon equipped with a speaker. After inserting the piece inside the vagina, a speaker then plays music to unborn babies via a smartphone app.

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According to Babypod CEO, Luís Pallarès, this unmuffled sound is very important to a baby’s development:

“Gynaecologists had never observed foetuses react to external noises or the voice of the mother during ultrasounds… Therefore, we thought that maybe the foetuses didn’t hear it. This is how we decided that we had to bring them closer to the source of sound – we had to bring the music into the uterus. Then I had the idea of inserting a speaker into the vagina.”

The release comes just weeks after research showed that babies can react to music in the womb at just 16-weeks-old and apparently: “during scans babies have been seen ‘dancing’ and ‘singing’ along to the music play via Babypod.”

At just £90.94 it’s not far off the price of other sound systems, that don’t double up as a musical tampon! What better party trick than being the ‘Birth Mother of Music’.

That would be your new nickname. Imagine.

H/T: Dazed 


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