Can You Solve This Infuriating Fish Riddle?


Riddle, schmiddle, piddle – I bet that’s what you’re thinking right now. 

Especially if you’re one of those math-sy, intelligent types. Give this fishy head-scratcher a go and tell us how you get on, but be aware, if you’re more Dory than Nemo it’s probably not for you. Ready then, clever clogs?

You have ten fish in a tank. 


Don’t let the above distract you…


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So… how many are left? 

giphy (1)

The answer? Oh you want to know the answer? 

It’s TEN. Duh.


– Fish don’t drown (not in the conventional sense anyway).

– They certainly can’t swim out of the tank, so they’re still in it.

– So five may be floating (RIP) but there are definitely still ten fish left in the tank.

P.S. Police are currently looking into the tragic events that happened in said tank on this day. 

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