In Memory Of Alan Rickman: Every Snape Scene In Chronological Order


Much-loved British actor Alan Rickman is confirmed to have died today, aged 69.

He was very much adored for his roles in Die Hard, Galaxy Quest, and  Robin Hood – but most notably for his portrayal of Snape in Harry Potter.

Snape is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of J K Rowlings characters, and was played excellently by Rickman – who was able to keep Snape’s story arc a secret from everyone – including the director.

The potions professor’s backstory was teasingly revealed in flashbacks, but enterprising YouTube user kcawesome13 gave the project some time and rearranged them in chronological – creating a fascinating insight into the character.

A character that fans will appreciate today more than ever. RIP Alan Rickman, a truly amazing actor.

See the clip here: