Thousands Of People Are Signing A Petition To Get David Bowie On The New £20 Note


Adam Smith may have been a seventeenth century pioneer of all things Scottish, moral and philosophical but it’s about time he stood down from the £20 note and let someone else burn a hole in our pockets. 

Who better to take his spot than our very own Starman David Bowie, who sadly passed away on Sunday. A petition has been set up by Bowie fans who want the legendary performer to take the prime spot, and at the time of writing has over 16,000 signatures.

Petition founder Simon Mitchell wrote on the site:

“We can think of no better way to honour David Bowie, who died on 10th January 2016, than by depicting him on the forthcoming £20 note. His music has sound-tracked important events in the lives of many of us. His visual art and sense of character brought a new combination of music, performance and imagery into mainstream culture.”

He imagined that the new Bowie twenty could look a little something like this:


You can sign the petition HERE.

We went down to the Bowie Brixton celebration on Monday to find out what the singer really meant to his fans: