Pictures Released Of Plans For Indoor Tropical Paradise In London


The capital already has a plethora of slightly bizarre attractions; a cereal cafe, the weird statue men etc. But now, there’s going to be a new addition – a giant tropical paradise. And during this cold weather, that sounds glorious.

Aptly named ‘Summerland’, the indoor pool/forest is set to have a festival theme – including a bar hidden behind a waterfall. Oh, and a DJ stood at the top of the waterfall. No biggie.

The venue is set to include a waterfall, pool, hot tubs, beach huts, a live DJ and an animated sky ceiling which will change depending on the time of day or night.


From 9am-5.30pm the centre will be suitable for families with kids, and by night (6pm-3am) it will take on more of an adult-themed party atmosphere. We can’t quite figure out how they’ll clear up all the plastic cups and other drunken mess in those spare six hours, though.