Amy Schumer Calls Out Teenage Boy For His Sexist Joke



Amy Schumer took home the MVP award at the 2016 Critics Choice awards on Sunday. She also took home a slut-shaming and slightly gross tweet from 17-year-old ‘film critic’ Johnson Murphy.

The kind of tweet that garners an ‘oh dear’ from everyone who reads it.


Murphy, who runs film-reviewing blog ‘Lights Camera Jackson’ has since deleted and apologised for the tweet – but of course people got screenshots and his mistake shall be forever immortalised on the interwebs.

Some fans praised Schumer for not giving the kid a hard time and taking the ‘high road’ others deemed her hypocritical and judged her for her response to the tweet.

While Amy Schumer’s humour is often sex-based, and self-depreciating – that is her job and this is her real life. As one twitter user pointed out, she has often ‘roasted’ people on comedy shows, but that doesn’t mean she deserves crap like this from strangers. Strangers who definitely didn’t have the balls to say it to her face.

However, this isn’t Murphy’s first moment in the limelight. He started his ‘career’ as a ‘movie critic’ when he was just 11, appearing on TV and radio shows to review films. And managed to irk some people while he was at it.

Maybe the seventeen year old should stick to ‘film reviews’ and steer clear of the racy humour from now on!

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