Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ‘Move Back In Together’ And Engagement Rumours Are Abound


Who ever said it was a bad idea to get re-engaged to someone you were once engaged to is going to have to hang their sorry little heads low next time they see Miley Cyris and Liam Hemsworth together. 

As I prepare to get some serious neck ache, Liley Cyworth are apparently ‘back on’ after they split up three years ago. Although they reportedly stayed friends after their break-up, those romance rumour makers were back at it after Miley joined Liam in Australia for New Year.

And, if you wanted some pretty sure fire proof that they’re back together, she’s also been spotted wearing the engagement ring he gave her back in 2012. Engagement rings don’t tend to something you just pop back into your jewelry collection now, do they?

We know Miley’s a bit of a joker, but besides the ring she was also spotted unloading boxes from a removal van at the actor’s house in Malibu, California at the weekend. But watch out Liam… she said it herself:

Spirit sister ?

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