North Korea Has Invented Hangover-Free Booze… Apparently



Say what you like about North Korea but they get results where it matters. Apparently. 

Have they found the key to world peace? No. The secret to pollution-free energy? No. A cure for AIDS? Well, they claim to have that anyway, but no… Hangover-free booze? YES! Well probably not but whatever – that’s what this article is about.

As the state-run newspaper, The Pyongyang Times, would have it, Koryo Liquor is the classiest of all drinks and is “Highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover. It is a product that exudes national flavour.”


National flavour? An overriding taste of oppression, power-envy and bad hair? Sounds nice.

Koryo Liquor has been around for yonks and has an elusive alcohol percentage of 30-40. It’s reserved for the country’s elite (basically one man) and, recently, the makers at the appetising sounding “Taedonggang Foodstuff factory” tweaked the formula which has made it hangover-free.

Switching sugar for boiled and scorched glutinous rice seems to have done the trick since, as you probably know, North Korea is famously the non-stop party central. “Sleep when you’re dead” is their motto.


You don’t get hangovers when you stay drunk… maybe that’s what’s going on.

Nevertheless, you probably shouldn’t write-off Koryo yet (although you probably should since it’s from North Korea and you’ll never be able to try it) since ginseng (like the main ingredient) does genuinely have some hangover-curing properties. A 2014 study showed that a red ginseng drink relieved the symptoms of a hangover when compared to water, thanks to its effects on alcohol metabolism.

Let’s all raise a glass to the glorious Republic!



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