British Make-Up Artist Explains How He Created Leo DiCaprio’s Wounds In ‘The Revenant’


To put it bluntly, ‘The Revenant’ is not a film to see if you’re squeamish. Or a vegan. Or generally easily offended by anything gory… 

But if you’re a fan of seriously realistic-looking make-up artistry, and an epic storyline, Leo’s sure-fire Oscar win is one to watch.

Depicting the positively frosty experiences of frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass (Leo), the film required a master of make-up to recreate the brutal wounds Hugh gets after coming face-to-face with a mother grizzly bear.


Duncan Jarman, a make-up artist from Watford, got the job and revealed he spent up to five hours a day creating the prosthetic, and incredibly life-like, wounds. The image below shows the painstaking process, and it has been viewed more the 2.8 million times on Imgur:



Duncan has also worked on Harry Potter, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Last Samurai – so he was pretty experienced to take on the role – and he’s now also up for an Oscar for Best Makeup. Apparently in their first meeting, Director Alejandro Iñárritu said the wounds would have to be stitched close in the same take and “bleed” realistically.


To make this happen they used copious amounts of fake blood, created silicone neck equipment that could “bubble and bleed” and added wig lace that could be “stitched” back together by Leo’s cast mates. Prosthetic artist Sian Grigg told’s blog:

“Our actor was lying in freezing mud connected to dozens of blood lines and covered in cold blood for hours.

‘Trying to keep him warm until the last minute but still have time for touch ups before the camera rolled was imperative.”

Well if they do win the Oscar, it sounds like they definitely deserved it…

H/T: Daily Mail

Image Sources: Celeb Buzz, BTL News

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