Chef Caught Racking Up Cocaine Live On TV



In trying to think of possible excuses this chef could use, the best I came up with was that he was baking a cake that needed a really small amount of flour – insert technical jargon and long words here – and his pesky sous chef had borrowed his kitchen utensils. Like, all of them. Believable? As for the rolled up banknote…erm…it’s a tough sell this one.

Thirty-six-year-old Ľubomír Herko appeared on the Slovakian TV show Telerano as the screen suddenly cut from an interview segment to him doing ‘prep’ work. His gaping eyes are obviously down to all that coffee he’s slurping.

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. It was a joke. That’s what the TV station on which it aired, TV Markiza, are saying:

“We consider this an entirely inappropriate ‘joke’ that has no place in such a broadcast.”

Slap on the wrists it is then. Watch the gag here.