Watch Two Guys Witness A Robbery, Take The Thieves Car Keys And Chase Them


Footage has emerged of a couple of guys from the Gold Coast in Australia attempting to stop a robbery.

The men, named James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen, were dealing with a broken flipflop when one of them noticed an Oporto shop at Arundel service station had been broken into.

One of the guys ran over to the white Commodore getaway car – which had no license plates – and took the keys from the ignition. When the bandits came out and jumped in the car Ross-Munroe jumped in after them and threw a few punches.

The guys ran away – with Ross-Munroe giving chase – but they were unable to catch them. The investigation is ongoing, with police confirming that the car was stolen.

Ross-Munroe was quoted as saying:

“When the driver came back to the car he realised his keys were missing, the passenger jumped in and I managed to land a few punches. I chased them but because I’m fat they got away”

What an incredible quote…