Celebrity Big Brother Fans Disgusted By Gemma Collins ‘Rudeness’ Towards Hairdresser


Gemma Collins won the chance to get her hair blow-dried on Celebrity Big Brother this weekend (at the expense of hot water for her housemates), and viewers were shocked following her behaviour towards the stylist

She didn’t show him any gratitude as he styled her hair, rudely ordering him to change the way he was doing it.

Once she rejoined her housemates, she complained that her hair wasn’t done to her satisfaction, and wasn’t up to her usual standards. Given that that blow-dry cost the housemates their hot water, we’re bet they were thrilled to hear that it was worth it..


People on social media have spoken out about Gemma’s ‘rudeness’:

Do you think Gemma was being rude? Check out the footage here, and decide for yourself: